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27 June
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Hullo Everyone!

I am Marigold, and in the heyday of the fandom was primarily a beta for Lord of The Rings hobbity fanfiction. Besides being a beta I really enjoyed helping both new and established writers in the Lord of The Rings fanfiction community in whatever way that I could, and though I am having a bit of a hiatus right now I am still happy to answer questions for folks about canon or what-have-you.

I much prefer to poke at other people and make them write the stories I want to read, though I do write myself now and then, and you can find most of my work on Stories of Arda. I also have a nifty website for my own fanfiction, Marigold's Redbook courtesy of Kookaburra, although it is sadly in need of updating, a task which is technically beyond my limited computer skills. Someday!

I am notorious for foisting plot bunnies on unsuspecting authors! My niche in the fandom, in addition to my beta work, is to help anyone with questions about canon and film-verse, being reasonably knowledgable about both, and in encouraging people who write, or who want to write, as much as I possibly can. My goal is to do whatever I can to contribute to everyone's enjoyment of this fandom as much as it is possible for me to do so. Although I am not very active just now, I am still lurking here in the background, hoping that the new films set to come out in the next few years will bring this ommunity back to life!

My weekly Recommendations Page that I updated every weekend ran for several years, and though I haven't had time or reason to update it for sometime you can still access the page for fic recs. The page is called Marigold's Recommendations. You can find links there to several hundred fantastic hobbity stories.

Links to my monthly Story Challenges can be found there, or you can go straight to talechallenge01, talechallenge02, talechallenge03, talechallenge04, talechallenge05, talechallenge06, talechallenge07, talechallenge08, talechallenge09, talechallenge10, talechallenge11, talechal12, talechallenge13, talechallenge14, talechallenge15, talechallenge16, talechallenge17, talechallenge18, talechallenge19, talechallenge20, talechallenge21, talechallenge22, talechallenge23, talechallenge24, talechallenge25, talechallenge26, talechallenge27, talechallenge28, talechallenge29, talechallenge30, talechallenge31, talechallenge32, talechallenge33, talechallenge34, talechallenge35, talechallenge36, talechallenge37, talechallenge38, and talechallenge39, etc, etc - the stories for later Challenges, up to Challenge 46, can be found at what will eventually be the home of all the Tale Challenge stories, talechallenges. The Tale Challenges were posted the first Friday of each month for about four years, Llinos eventually becoming my welcome partner in this endeavour! Pippinfan was our Lovely Challenge Assistant and SlightlyTookish made our wonderful icons every month. Participants are still welcome to use these icons for whatever they wish.

There are just over nine hundred Challenge stories now, and I hope that you enjoy them! If they should be restarted in future everyone will be welcome to participate, both new and established authors, and you can e-mail me for details : ) There is still a link to the Reviewer and Writer Recognition page, where you can claim an icon or banner for reviewing and/or writing a certain number of Challenge stories, and a link to the Challenge and Recommendations Icon page, where you can claim icons for each of the Challenges in which you participated, and also the Marigold's Recommendations Pick of The Week and Best Bet buttons if you have earned one.

If you don't have a lot of time to read online one of my Challenge assistants, Sandy80461, has set up The Marigold Challenge Archive where some of the earlier Challenge stories can be downloaded in zip files to be easily read offline.

For readers and authors that have stories they would like to recommend, or updates to post, and for folks that want story links, check out the talesofredbook community. It has been quiet for some time, but it is still there if anyone wants to make use of it.

I also started a discussion and study group called lotrscholars. Everyone is welcome to participate, and all LoTR related questions and discussions are welcome. Again, it is still there if anyone wants to make use of it.

There is also a little Cafe' Press Shop that Sandy set up for me, that offers things like Recommendations Mugs and Challenges T-shirts and stickers and other fun goodies. It's all meant in good fun and can be found at Marigold's Recommendations Goodies!

I am lucky enough to now live in the heart of the Shire, with my nifty newish husband, lonewolf02 and my best friend llinos, knittedmerry and knittedpippin live just up the road! I have a wonderful job, playing with full-size trains, with Heathrow Express and basically, life is good! Just very, very busy!

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