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MarigoldG [userpic]

Hullo Everyone! It's been a very long time since I have posted here but I have come out of lurkerdom to let everyone know who hasn't seen it yet that KnittedMerry has posted some V.Important news concerning Yule!

You can find his post here: http://knittedmerry.livejournal.com/17856.html

Hope to see lots of familiar names over on his post!

MarigoldG [userpic]

As some of you already know, knittedmerry is preparing his list of lucky recipients for this year's rather amazing and spectacular KnittedHobbit Yule Card!

If anyone has missed his very important post 
which explains how to request one, please pop over asap so that your card can arrive before Yule!

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MarigoldG [userpic]

 Very Happy Birthdays to both Angiet and Dreamflower! We wish you both a happy day and a marvellous year!

With lots of love from Llinos, Marigold, LoneWolf and the KnittedHobbits : )

MarigoldG [userpic]

Hullo! Any Springsteen fans out there? I have two extra tickets for the concert at Old Trafford in Manchester this coming Wednesday night, the 28th of May, that I am selling for face price, £55.00 + the 5.75 booking fee per ticket. I'd love it if an LJ friend or two could join LoneWolf and me for the show!

I have put the tickets on Buy it Now on eBay if anyone is interested - my seller name over there is marigoldcotton but the link should take you right to it!

MarigoldG [userpic]

Happy Birthday Llinos!

I hope that you have a fantastic day and a wonderful year!

MarigoldG [userpic]

knittedmerry has posted the thrilling conclusion of KnittedPippin's Exciting and Interesting Birthday! This episode features some very special guest stars and should not be missed, not least because both knittedmerry and knittedpippin would be frightfully sad and upset.

Those of you who haven't seen the suspenseful first instalment can find it Here… : )

MarigoldG [userpic]

Although knittedmerry is most incredibly busy managing his many business ventures and generally overseeing the smooth running of the known (and unknown) universe, he has taken time out of his overwhelming schedule to make you aware of the important events that took place last week on knittedpippin's birthday.

He has requested that I, as one of his many minions, should provide you with the link to KnittedPippin's Exciting and Interesting Birthday!

As you have come to expect, the pictures are packed with visual delights and painstaking detail, the story is filled with both rapier wit and thought-provoking moral values, and as always, knittedmerry has no doubt that you will not fail to find his post fascinating and worthy of your immediate attention and comments.

(Personally, I think that the pictures are some of the best ever and I urge you all to go and see for yourselves! knittedmerry worked very, very hard on this post and it took him several days to document the events. I hope that everyone will comment as I am worried that he will stop posting if he doesn't get the recognition that he so magnificently deserves for his hard work! I'd be devestated if he stopped posting!)

MarigoldG [userpic]

1. "When I was a hobbit I was this high."
2. "Where did that large dog go?"
3. "Do you like my yo-yo? The string is invisible!"

Other suggestions?

For the correct answer check out the latest entry on llinos's journal

MarigoldG [userpic]


llinoshas put links to both episodes of Empty (starring Billy! of course) on her lj along with some terrific stills! 

I really loved this weeks episode and thought that Billy really got to showcase his talents, especially doing the Mr Pastry dance! For those of you that don't know the story behind this comedy classic it's all explained in Llinos' post, complete with a clip to the original as well as a clip of Billy's version. Here is the link to the fun!


The post is friends locked but if you'd like to see all of the goodies just friend Llinos and she will friend you back post-haste! Here is a little sample of what delights await you in her post! 

Billy doing his version of Gypsy Rose Lee!

MarigoldG [userpic]


I am both pleased and saddened to announce that Llinos has posted the final chapters of The Great Hobbiton Race of 1435. The last parts are You Knocked The Green Dragon Down! in which there appear some very unexpected guests, and the Epilogue, Dignified Vegicide For A Worthy Cause, to tie up any loose ends.

I am really sorry to see this story end - I've enjoyed it immensely! Of course now I have free rein to poke her mercilessly to finish Recaptured!


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