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MarigoldG [userpic]
Yuletide Again!

Hullo Everyone! It's that time of year again, when I venture back into cyberspace to alert you all to the imminent dispatch of the latest Magnificent Knitted Yule Card!

If those of you who would like one of these limited-edition masterpieces would please follow knittedmerry's instructions in his post that I have linked, KM's beleaguered PA llinos will have it posted to you forthwith.

Also, please take a moment to say HI! to KM in his post, as he is feeling a bit lonely at the minute because knittedpippin has been abnormally busy and secretive these past few weeks...probably doing something special for Yule, but with KP you never know!

(An additional titbit, for those of you on Facebook, KM has his own account over there under the alias Merry Knitted (to keep a low profile) so please feel free to friend him there! He likes to keep up on everything his minions are up to!)

Originally posted by knittedmerry at Yuletide Again!

The other night, as I started off to bed, I saw some many strange things on the floor! No! Not the rug, it is strange and has many peculiar tales to tell, but I am used to seeing it on the floor. I am talking about knitted mince pies and puddings and mushrooms.

01something odd
Well I followed the trail and, guess what! The trail led to KnittedPippin! He was obviously doing something, but I couldn't tell what as he put his scarf over whatever it was AND he wouldn't tell me either!

03Knitting secret
Nevertheless, I have more important things to think about – such as what I will put in my Magnificent Yule Card this year; how it will find its way to everyone and why there is a big bubble over my head with a picture of Yule in it!

02Thinking Merry copy
You may be able to help me with the middle problem by sending me (or rather my stupid assistant llinos) your correct address. If you have never had a Magnificent Yule card from Moi it is not too late to start. Just email stupid llinos and hopefully she will manage to send you one. Oh and her stupid email address has changed to Lizallinos@live.co.uk – so there you have it.

Good luck and have a Happy What's Left of This Year

K. M. The Mag


hi KM, Knitted Pippin and Marigold! Nice to hear from you! I have friended you on Facebook as my RL name -- i have some mountains on my profile picture. :)
i would love to know what is going on with my favorite hobbitses. My snail mail remains the same. :)