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MarigoldG [userpic]
An Long-Expected Story...

Hi folks! Just poking my head out from under my rock to share some exciting news...Llinos has finished Recaptured!

There has been a long break as she wanted to finish the story completely before she began posting again, but it's all done now and being posted over on fanfic.net.

To make it easier for long-time readers to catch up there is a summary of what has gone before and a couple of the new chapters are up already too, with quite a few more chapters to go. Updates will be frequent. I originally poked her for 150 chapters of this, my favourite story, and she has delivered even more than that!

You can find the new update here:


And for those of you that were waiting for the story to be finished before you started to read, the beginning is here:


So, go and read, and please review! You won't believe everything that happens next...


emma from CA here. Long time no write!

I had a question...
When we met, you told me a cool story about how you had a letter from Tolkien about the family tree chart in the appendices, and the names of Merry and Pippin's descendents....where the publisher ran out of room at the bottom of the page? I was telling one of my students about it...then remembered I had forget what you had said the names were. Could you recount the story..as I think others would find it as charming as I did....(at least the apart I remembered...unlike the names).

As for recaptured-----woot! I am working on a long, long, long neglected update in celebration of the Hobbit. Now I must go read me some recaptured.

hope all is well and love the knitted hobbit cards.