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December 2013
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MarigoldG [userpic]
It's that time again!

Hullo everyone! The Festive Season is fast approaching and the KnittedHobbits have been hard at work creating their annual Yule Card Extravaganza - a Spectacular Musical Extravaganza in fact, with words and music by KnittedMerry!

KnittedPippin has done an LJ post on KM's account to check on who needs to update their address, so if you haven't seen it go over at once - he has posted a prior card there too, so if you have never seen one or want to make sure not to miss out on keeping your collection up to date be sure to check in on KnittedMerry's LJ!

PS - There is a very sweet pic of KP there as well although his spelling hasn't improved I am afraid! :>D


Christmas Eve and I just received KP and Knitted Merry's wonderful card! What excellent timing the boys have.

A Merry Christmas to them and to you all as well!