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MarigoldG [userpic]

This is just an exploratory question to see if there is any interest out there.

Following the resounding success of ScotMoot we are thinking of holding a second event, this time in Wales.

What we propose is a week in a self-catering cottage in Wales in September 2011. Depending on the number of people attending, estimated costs could be as low as £125/$200, for the week, which would include the rent + petrol + food. (Home cooked – not to include restaurants, cafes, Motorway Service stops etc.).

These costs would obviously exclude airfares, personal spending and any extra-curricular activities such as steam train rides or hang-gliding. (Mountain climbing is free).

It might be possible to fly into Heathrow and stay overnight with one of us and even fit in a day trip to London or Oxford, although obviously this would be limited on numbers.

So! Preliminary enquiry:

Place: Wales
Time: September 2011
Cost: £125/$200 + airfare etc.

What do you think?

Liza & Lesley


I stand by my original statement, which is YES!


What a fun thing to plan! You might want to send a link to this post to periantari, grey_wonderer, and lbilover via e-mail, as they're at a moot in New York this weekend and might miss it.

Hope you're doing well, my friend. I finally got a dog, yay!

*hugs hugs*

I'm so glad that you finally have your very own Scamp, Janet! I hope that you might work out a way to come to this Moot...perhaps your mum will look after your little one : )

Thanks for letting us know about those in NYC. And please feel free to spread the word for us if you can think of folks who might like to come.

I had really wanted to attend the ScotMoot but finances just didn't allow it. If nothing costly happens between now and then, I might be able to swing it this time. Count me in as interested!

It's lovely to hear from you, btw. You've been far too scarce lately. (hugs)

It would be brilliant if you could come! You're officially on the list! (and thank you for missing me!)

You've definitely got my interest. I loved the ScotMoot experience, so please count me as a potential yes for CymruMoot. :D

That's excellent Rachel, we'll be so glad to have you!

Hey gals!

I spent all last month thinking longingly of ScotMoot and Scotland in general. Kudos to you for thinking up another gathering! Wales, after all, is stunning in September.

I am currently applying to the UK for school (again) and if I get in I will be back in England in September (later September, though). So, for the moment, count me in. I won't know until April 2011 whether it's a go or not.

Would be great to see everyone though!

It would be really great to see you too! I hope that it all works out so that you can come!

Since I missed the last one this would sure be tempting, but I already have my reservation in for "A Long Expected Party II" which is also Sept. 2011.

I hope you get enough people that you can do this, it sounds lovely! :-)

Hugs to you both :-)

Sorry that you are already booked up Pearl, but if you change your mind you'd be very welcome!

Count me in as definitely interested :D

It would be wonderful if you could join us! Fingers crossed!

Well, I already have two trips in the works for next year... Mexico and Las Vegas. We'll see how the money situation holds up :D

Save your money amd don't gamble when you get to Vegas!

I really do need to see Wales again. Count me when you get to the counting part because I want to come, please?

Errol will be there and he is already packed. He likes to keep a packed suitcase just in the event of something interesting. He says it saves time.

You are both written on the list in big letters in gold ink!

Clever of Errol to keep packed and ready to hop off when adventure calls unexpectedly! I usually have a bag packed too, but it's because I have been too lazy and disorganised to unpack from whatever trip I have been on last : D

(Ahem...bath story? Poke, poke!)

Sounds like fun! I would love to come, I missed out on the last one.

We would absolutely love to have you! Watch for updates!

I hope you guys are doing well! <3 That sounds really fun! Probably wouldn't work out with my school schedule (I teach), but I hope it's spectacular for those who are able to come! :)

I hope we eventually have one at a time that you can come! It's just that airfare is so much cheaper when school hols are over...as I am sure you are aware! Very unfair!

Having missed the Scotland Moot I'd love to come and see Wales but, all going well, I will start a post-grad education course next year August and won't be able to come.

Well, I *suppose* that your education is more important, lol...best of luck!