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MarigoldG [userpic]

Hullo Everyone! It's that time of year again, when I venture back into cyberspace to alert you all to the imminent dispatch of the latest Magnificent Knitted Yule Card!

If those of you who would like one of these limited-edition masterpieces would please follow knittedmerry's instructions in his post that I have linked, KM's beleaguered PA llinos will have it posted to you forthwith.

Also, please take a moment to say HI! to KM in his post, as he is feeling a bit lonely at the minute because knittedpippin has been abnormally busy and secretive these past few weeks...probably doing something special for Yule, but with KP you never know!

(An additional titbit, for those of you on Facebook, KM has his own account over there under the alias Merry Knitted (to keep a low profile) so please feel free to friend him there! He likes to keep up on everything his minions are up to!)

Originally posted by knittedmerry at Yuletide Again!

The other night, as I started off to bed, I saw some many strange things on the floor! No! Not the rug, it is strange and has many peculiar tales to tell, but I am used to seeing it on the floor. I am talking about knitted mince pies and puddings and mushrooms.

01something odd
Well I followed the trail and, guess what! The trail led to KnittedPippin! He was obviously doing something, but I couldn't tell what as he put his scarf over whatever it was AND he wouldn't tell me either!

03Knitting secret
Nevertheless, I have more important things to think about – such as what I will put in my Magnificent Yule Card this year; how it will find its way to everyone and why there is a big bubble over my head with a picture of Yule in it!

02Thinking Merry copy
You may be able to help me with the middle problem by sending me (or rather my stupid assistant llinos) your correct address. If you have never had a Magnificent Yule card from Moi it is not too late to start. Just email stupid llinos and hopefully she will manage to send you one. Oh and her stupid email address has changed to Lizallinos@live.co.uk – so there you have it.

Good luck and have a Happy What's Left of This Year

K. M. The Mag

MarigoldG [userpic]

As it is so very nearly Yule and most of you will be focussing on the upcoming Hobbit film, don't forget to check out knittedmerry's Magnificent Yule Greeting Announcement!

Apparently, he and knittedpippin have been doing a lot of travelling and his annual card documents just a few of the Magnificent places he has been.

llinos (his personal assistant) has the cards ready to roll and the last posting date for the USA is upon us. Therefore rush your request asap in order not to miss out on this latest Amazing saga and a KnittedHobbit and his friends' Incredible and Magnificent adventures!

MarigoldG [userpic]

Hi folks! Just poking my head out from under my rock to share some exciting news...Llinos has finished Recaptured!

There has been a long break as she wanted to finish the story completely before she began posting again, but it's all done now and being posted over on fanfic.net.

To make it easier for long-time readers to catch up there is a summary of what has gone before and a couple of the new chapters are up already too, with quite a few more chapters to go. Updates will be frequent. I originally poked her for 150 chapters of this, my favourite story, and she has delivered even more than that!

You can find the new update here:


And for those of you that were waiting for the story to be finished before you started to read, the beginning is here:


So, go and read, and please review! You won't believe everything that happens next...

MarigoldG [userpic]

I can't believe it's come upon us so fast, but it's already that time of year again - time for this year's Magnificent KnittedHobbit Yule card! Please pop over to KnittedMerry's LJ to see some lovely pics and to let KM know that Yule just wouldn't be Yule without your very own card!


Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

MarigoldG [userpic]

Hullo everyone! The Festive Season is fast approaching and the KnittedHobbits have been hard at work creating their annual Yule Card Extravaganza - a Spectacular Musical Extravaganza in fact, with words and music by KnittedMerry!

KnittedPippin has done an LJ post on KM's account to check on who needs to update their address, so if you haven't seen it go over at once - he has posted a prior card there too, so if you have never seen one or want to make sure not to miss out on keeping your collection up to date be sure to check in on KnittedMerry's LJ!

PS - There is a very sweet pic of KP there as well although his spelling hasn't improved I am afraid! :>D

MarigoldG [userpic]

This is just an exploratory question to see if there is any interest out there.

Following the resounding success of ScotMoot we are thinking of holding a second event, this time in Wales.

What we propose is a week in a self-catering cottage in Wales in September 2011. Depending on the number of people attending, estimated costs could be as low as £125/$200, for the week, which would include the rent + petrol + food. (Home cooked – not to include restaurants, cafes, Motorway Service stops etc.).

These costs would obviously exclude airfares, personal spending and any extra-curricular activities such as steam train rides or hang-gliding. (Mountain climbing is free).

It might be possible to fly into Heathrow and stay overnight with one of us and even fit in a day trip to London or Oxford, although obviously this would be limited on numbers.

So! Preliminary enquiry:

Place: Wales
Time: September 2011
Cost: £125/$200 + airfare etc.

What do you think?

Liza & Lesley

MarigoldG [userpic]

Hullo! I was reminiscing to myself at work today about the hobbity part of the fandom and thinking about how it has become so quiet and missing the excitement of those Golden few years at the beginning of things. I have been wondering for a while now why our part of the fandom seems to be less prolific these days when there still seem to be loads of new stories featuring elves and men. Thankfully Llinos is posting loads of new chapters of Recaptured! and that makes me very happy, but a lot of the time when I have a moment to read a hobbity tale I find myself falling back on old favourites, as there aren't very many new stories being posted.

I started wondering why this was so and am interested in other folk's opinions as well. We've lost quite a few of our hobbity authors for whatever reason and while I understand that people develop other interests and drift into other things I also wonder if perhaps we readers may have contributed to the situation by becoming too complacent – there were so many excellent hobbity stories being posted for a long time that I wonder if we started taking them for granted and didn't let the writers know how appreciative we were and so some may have concluded that we weren't interested and stopped writing.

I know I am guilty these days of snatching a moment to read a new story or chapter and promising myself that I will review when I have a bit more time, but of course I never find the time to go back – I should have just taken a few more minutes to leave a few words of appreciation right then. I should know better, because I have experienced myself the confusion of getting 100 hits on something that I've posted within the first couple of days but only receiving six or seven reviews. Does that mean that the other several dozen people read my work and didn't like it – or were they just doing what I have been doing myself lately? They read it and liked it well enough but didn't bother to comment because they didn't have the time or because they assume that folks will keep writing regardless and so they needn't bother?

The fact is though, that authors won't keep writing if we don't let them know how much we appreciate them. A friend gave me an analogy a while ago about this very thing. She said that if an actor or singer performs for an audience and the audience just sits there without applauding what's the performer to think? They're going to think that no one cares and they'll stop entertaining and leave the stage. And that is why I think we've lost some wonderful contributors to the fandom and I am worried that we will lose more. I would really hate for that to happen!

I'm really interested to know if other folks agree with my ramblings or have any other ideas?

MarigoldG [userpic]

Hullo! There are more new chapters posted of Llinos’s epic tale Recaptured!

For those of you who have yet to start reading this exciting adventure, Part One begins here: Recaptured!

And then continues in Part Two, here: Recaptured! Continued

Those of you that are regular readers and haven’t seen the newest chapters yet, they start at Chapter 42 and there is a summary to update you. There are already 13 new chapters posted and more on the way. The latest chapter has all four of our favourite hobbits in a great deal of trouble and everyone else isn’t doing much better!

MarigoldG [userpic]

Hullo everyone! I'm popping out of lurkerdom to let my fellow fans of Recaptured! know that Llinos is well on the way to finishing the story. The latest two chapters have been posted over on ff.net and another will be going up shortly! More chapters have been written and are just waiting in the wings, so there won't be any more long delays in between postings.

The chapters posted already are:

Chapter 134 – (42) - Adsum!


Chapter 135 – (43) - In Loco Parentis

Please pop over and read and review so that she is encouraged to keep up her momentum – I am dying to know how the story will end and she hasn't written that bit yet!

MarigoldG [userpic]

I actually wrote something, lol! I was inspired by Llinos' new grandson, Ellis, a lovely photo of whom can be seen below (I hope! I don't remember how to do any of this posting stuff!)...

It's a double-drabble over on Stories of Arda called Worthy Of The Name.

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